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About Kirtlandia

The Kirtlandia Society is an Associated Society of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

The Kirtlandia Society was founded in 1976 when Dr. Howard Smead, an active member of the Museum, and Dr. Sonja Teraguchi, the curator of Invertebrate Zoology, decided to create a group of Museum members who would actively support the research and educational goals of the Museum.

Kirtlandia is named in honor of Dr. Jared Potter Kirtland, who was an prominent figure in the Cleveland area in the 1860's and a founding member of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

The Kirtlandia Student Research Intern Program, 
formerly: The Donald S. Dean Adopt-A-Student Program

Since 1980 Kirtlandia has supported The Donald S. Dean Adopt-A-Student Program at the Museum. This is a unique program that gives college students a chance to work with a museum curator on a "real world" research project in the natural sciences. Over the years we have provided over 250 students with this special opportunity to work in their chosen field of study.

The Kirtlandia Society also helps the Museum by financing the Kirtlandia Journal, the scholarly scientific publication of the Museum. Further information on the Kirtlandia Journal can be found here, on the library page of the CMNH website.

Kirtlandia also hosts a series of interesting monthly speakers, giving colorful presentations on various topics related to the study of Natural History. Our current schedule of presenters is listed in the sidebar on the left of this page, and there are also links to some of our schedules from the last few years. Please consider yourself invited to come listen to one of our wonderful monthly speakers... friends, guests and other interested visitors are always welcome.

Questions About Kirtlandia?
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