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The Kirtlandia Student Research Intern Program, formerly: 
The Donald S. Dean Adopt-A-Student 

The Program At A Glance

The Kirtlandia Society of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Program Type:
Paid summer internship in Cleveland, Ohio, for college undergraduates

Eight weeks, exact dates to be arranged with direct supervisor

At a minimum, the current Ohio minimum wage for eight 40 hour work weeks, minus Federal, State and Local payroll deductions.

Who May Apply:
U.S. citizens who are college undergraduates (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) or who have graduated from college on the current year.

To Apply: The current application form can be found on the Museum's website at

1. Complete the application form..................... 
2. Write a brief statement, in which you:

A. Explain your choice of preferred research areas.
B. Mention your interests, previous work experience and other pertinent information which might support your application.
C. Indicate how you expect to benefit from your Adopt-A-Student experience.

3. Obtain 2 letters of recommendation from your professors or instructors

Each intern MUST present the results of his/her project at the August meeting of the Kirtlandia Society (a 5 minute talk and a poster display)

Modified 11/26/16