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We are a very diverse group of individuals from a number of backgrounds. Some say that, other than the Museum staff, we are the most interesting group of people at the Museum.

.......... Some of our members have retired from their chosen professions and have gone on to further educate themselves through the Museum's Docent training program. The Docents are Museum volunteers who donate their time leading visitor tours through the Museum, serving as ushers for the Explorer lecture series, and representing the Museum at many of the public outreach activities. Some of us just enjoy taking the tours and attending the Explorer lectures.

.......... Some of our members are weekend birdwatchers and enjoy taking vacation trips to well known bird-watching sites. Some of us just enjoy watching the various birds (and squirrels) that come to our bird feeders at home.

.......... Some of our members know the plants and animals in our woods and forests and spend their vacations camping and hiking there. Some of us are just happy to find the time for an occasional picnic or stroll through one of our local Metroparks.

..........Some of our members enjoy astronomy, geology, chemistry, physics, and paleontology. Some of us took some of those classes in school because we had to. We now like to take little kids out to hand feed sunflower seeds to the chickadees in North Chagrin reservation.

.......... All of us enjoy getting together (when our busy schedules permit) for the monthly meetings which include coffee or tea, donuts or bagels, conversation or discussion, and interesting speakers who tell us of their work, their travels, their research, the hobbies they enjoy, and/or their interests in one of the many fields of natural history. There are always lively and interesting discussions and conversations afterwards.

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