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General Meeting -December 7, 2002

After coffee and conversation, Jeff Davis, President of Photo Society, called the joint Holiday
Meeting/Luncheon of the Kirtlandia Society and the Photo Society to order at 10:05 a.m. in
Classrooms A & B of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. President Davis welcomed
approximately 56 members and guests.

President Davis made several announcements regarding upcoming photo opportunities for Photo
members. Ruth Chase announced that she was passing around for signature a card for Jim and
Elaine Cameron who have not been able to attend meetings due to illness.

Kirtlandia's President, Barb Coleman, said there would be no Board meeting this month. Bob
Taylor announced that the program for 2003 was almost locked in. Ted Ganger gave a brief
history of Pearl Harbor Day. It was 61 years ago today, December 7th, and marked the
entrance of the United States into WWII.

Wilmer Stowe introduced Jim Bissell, CMNH's renowned Curator of Botany. Jim detailed the
"Conservation Outreach Program" of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Briefly, this is
a program that provides conservation information, regarding rare plants that are Endangered or
Threatened in various areas, to private landowners, state agencies, park managers, conservation
organizations, township trustees, county commissions, land trusts, county and urban planners at
little or no charge to these individuals/organizations in Ohio and Pennsylvania. This information and
the recommendations provided help determine what areas are acquired or preserved. The program
is supported by 2 Museum endowed funds created and maintained by various contributions from
individuals, conservation organizations, garden clubs, corporations and foundations. Jim showed
slides of various areas of interest and gave much credit for those photos to Mr. & Mrs. Jack Selby,
members of Photo and Kirtlandia.

After questions and answers, President Davis adjourned for the luncheon at 11:34 a.m. The Cleveland
Sight Center's staff in the Museum's Café on the Oval prepared a wonderful luncheon as usual. Photo
Society members generously provided desserts.


Respectfully submitted,

Susan MacDermott, Recording Secretary

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