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General Meeting - December 8, 2001

After coffee and conversation, President Ted Ganger called the combined Holiday Meeting/Luncheon of the Kirtlandia Society and the Photo Society to order at 10:12 a.m. in Classrooms A & B of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The Kirtlandia Society was the host of this year's program. Attendance was exceptional with approximately 60 members and guests making reservations for the meeting and luncheon. Various Society members introduced guests, and Lillian Brinnon gave a particular welcome to Margaret Aicher, her daughter, and son-in-law.

Ted requested changes or additions to the Minutes of the previous meeting. There were none, and Ted stated they were approved as distributed. He then called upon several of Kirtlandia Board members to give brief reports. Charles Greenwald, Treasurer, reported that Kirtlandia is in the black. Nearly all membership dues are in. Walt Stephens reported Kirtlandia members would soon be receiving a letter from him requesting money for next summer's Adopt-a-Student program. He hopes the dollars will flow in. Bill MacDermott had no membership report. Ed Cordasco gave kudos to Bill for the wonderful job he is doing recruiting new members. Virginia Krumholz requested outstanding archival records. She has asked Mary Flahive, the previous Archivist, to update the historical timeline of Kirtlandia.

The meeting's speaker, Dr. Bruce Latimer, CMNH's new Director, needed no introduction, and his topic was broad and far ranging. He began by giving a poignant tribute to John Aicher, a man with whom he had worked for many years. John was one of the most brilliant men Bruce has ever met, a man who was a wonderful photographer as well as a great solver of complex problems. Many of the machines and procedures developed by him are still used today in the Physical Anthropology Department.

Bruce continued with accolades for our Museum, its curators and their research efforts, its wonderful educational staff and programs, and its exhibits staff. We now have a 5-year exhibit schedule in place. He stated that we are a much better museum than we think. Even a museum such as the Carnegie in Pittsburgh does not have human skeletons or evidence of evolution as we do. CMNH is world famous in this respect. We are collection based, and our primary task is taking care of our materials and keeping records. He also feels that we cannot continue trashing our environment. Doing so will ultimately destroy the planet and us. It is our responsibility to teach preservation to the next generation, and, therefore, our educational programs are of the utmost importance.

Bruce commented upon the good exposure our Museum is currently receiving in the local press. We are world famous for our human evolution studies, our sharks, and our casting lab.

The new planetarium is state of the art and should help to rekindle excitement and enthusiasm in our Museum. Kirtlandia members will be invited to preview it before the opening. Bruce showed the group the Museum's new commercial video aimed at children and created especially for their short attention spans.

After an extended question and answer period, President Ganger adjourned the regular meeting at 11:20 a.m. This was followed by a wonderful luncheon organized by Pete Church and her Hospitality Committee. The tasty food was prepared and served by Clementine of the Cleveland Sight Center's Café on the Oval.

Respectfully submitted,


Susan MacDermott
Recording Secretary

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