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Kirtlandia Society
General Meeting - September 13, 2003

Following coffee and conversation at 9:30 a.m., President Barbara Coleman called the General Membership Meeting of the Kirtlandia Society to order at 10:02 a.m. in the Rare Book Room of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Approximately fifty-five (55) members, guests, and Museum staff were present.

President Coleman announced that two awards were given recently to Kirtlandia members. Doris Stifel received a Special Recognition award from the Ohio Lake Erie Commission for her study of the monarch butterfly, and Vice President, Bert Szabo, Chief Naturalist Emeritus of the Metroparks serving Summit County, was recognized for his involvement in the creation of the Fall Hiking Spree 40 years ago and for his continued participation in the event.

Walt Stephens read his thorough report on this summer's Adopt-A-Student Program. Next year is the 25th anniversary for the program, and plans are underway to make it a special year. He asked for members' suggestions on how we can celebrate the event.

Treasurer Charles Greenwald reported that we now have the year-end financial statement. It has been a satisfactory year, and the Kirtlandia Society is in good shape. At mid year, due to the slump in the stock market, our Endowment and Investments funds showed a deficit. However, we came back nicely and ended the year at June 30 with approximately $143,400 in the Investments and Endowment Funds, an increase of about $ 1,500 over last year.

Jane Litt reported on the meeting of the Education Committee held Wednesday, September 10. She stated that the Science Symposium was a success. With a little tweaking, it will hopefully be repeated next year. The Smead Discovery Center is now into the "exhibit stage' where they are looking into permanent exhibits. The committee discussed how Kirtlandia members could contribute to the Center. Volunteers are always needed. The Harper exhibit, opening in mid March, received a grant of $66,750 from The Cleveland Foundation to help in putting Mr. Harper's collection on display. Jane also reported that the Science Resource Center no longer receives grant money from Giant Eagle. This provided scholarship funds supporting the program to bring students to visit CMNH when the schools could not provide the necessary funds.

Bill MacDermott reported that Membership is holding steady. He thanked those who helped to staff the Kirtlandia table at the Explorer Series lecture last evening. Our web site is still active, and Bill reports he will be adding the information on this year's AAS program from the current issue of Tracks to our site. Barb Sciulli, Bill's Membership Co-chair, thanked all for being so prompt in sending in membership dues. Several have even increased donations to membership.

President Coleman then turned the meeting over to Bob Taylor who introduced the speaker for the day, Keith Jones, Executive Director of the Dean Brook Watershed Partnership. His topic was "The Doan Brook and Its Watershed." He distributed "Brook Notes" which is a small publication of the Watershed Partnership. Keith gave a photo history of Doan Brook and explained that the watershed is an area 8.4 miles long, covering about 12 square miles (7,500 acres), into which rainfall and snowmelt from Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, and Shaker Heights drain to a common point. Pollution from roads, landscaped areas such as golf courses, and sediment has been a big problem. Preservation of the brook is essential because it is one of the few free-flowing streams in the heavily urbanized Cleveland/Cuyahoga County area. The brook flows directly into Lake Erie under Dike 14. Keith went into detail about the various projects being undertaken such as Dike 14 and Rockefeller Park Restoration. The area is receiving much deserved attention so it will be protected for future generations.

After questions and answers, the meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Susan MacDermott
Recording Secretary