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General Meeting - August 11, 2000

Following coffee, donuts, and conversation beginning at 10:00 a.m., President Ted Ganger welcomed everyone and called the General Meeting of the Kirtlandia Society to order at 10:22 a.m. in the Rare Book Room of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. This was the 22nd annual Adopt-A-Student presentation meeting and luncheon. Attendance was phenomenal with approximately 75 Kirtlandia members, Adopt-A-Students, their families, and guests.

President Ganger then announced he had received letters from Dr. Bruce Latimer, Director of CMNH, thanking Kirtlandia for sponsoring the Adopt-A-Student program for the 22nd year, supporting a summer teacher intern to work in the Science Resource Center, and supporting the publication of Kirtlandia, the scientific publication of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

Membership Chairman, Bill MacDermott, welcomed 2 new members, Bill Blanchard and Betty Root. He mentioned that letters requesting payment of annual membership dues have been sent to current Kirtlandia members. He announced to the guests that Kirtlandia dues were only $25 per year for an individual with a paid up membership in the Museum and encouraged them to join our group.

President Ganger turned the meeting over to Walt Stephens, Chairman of the Adopt-A-Student Committee, who welcomed everyone to the 22nd "graduation exercise" of the "crown jewel" of the Kirtlandia Society. The AAS program has had over 150 alumni since its inception in 1980. Each year it is supported by the generous gifts of Kirtlandia members and friends. This year 8 students were funded to work with the curators on various projects, and each student received $1,600 for the summer.

Ann DuFresne, Coordinator of the Program and Kirtlandia's Museum Liaison, introduced the 8 Adopt-A-Students for 2001 who gave their verbal and visual presentations to the group. The students, college affiliation, and the Museum curator they worked with are as follows:

Ashley Brooks Case Western Reserve Bruce Latimer & Staff, Physical

Amanda Clancy Baldwin Wallace Jim Bissell, Botany

Sarah Dudziak Baldwin Wallace Tim Matson, Vertebrate Zoology

Leigh Hutchison College of Wooster Joe Keiper, Invertebrate Zoology

Randall Irmis Northern Arizona University Shya Chitaley, Paleobotany

Benjamin Scherzer Earlham College Joe Hannibal, Invertebrate Paleontology

Claire Sturm Oberlin College David Saja, Mineralogy

Margaret Winchester Skidmore College Ann S. DuFresne, Archaeology

Ann DuFresne thanked the students and commended them on their wonderful presentations. Walt Stephens then presented certificates to the students who were congratulated by President Ted Ganger and Vice President Barb Coleman.

Walt Stephens adjourned the meeting at 11:41 a.m. The students manned their displays and answered questions pertaining to their individual projects in Classrooms A and B until a wonderful lunch arranged by Pete Church was served.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan MacDermott, Recording Secretary

Created 8/31/01