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General Meeting - May 12, 2001

After coffee and conversation, President Ted Ganger called the General Meeting of the Kirtlandia Society to order at 10:01 a.m. in the Rare Book Room of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. We had an exceptional turnout with approximately 54 members, guests and Museum staff in attendance, including Bob Segedi and 11 of his Future Scientists. Bill MacDermott welcomed Ed Fritz and Dr. Eugene White, two new Kirtlandia members, to the group and encouraged everyone to engage the new members in conversation to make them feel welcome.

President Ganger introduced Dr. Bruce Latimer, the new Director of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. As we all know, he is a renowned researcher, anthropologist, speaker, and lecturer. Ted read a thank you letter from CMNH to Kirtlandia for our $50 donation to the Walters/Isard Exhibits Fund in memory of Martha Isard. He read another thank you letter acknowledging the $100 contribution Kirtlandia made toward the creation of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History's new planetarium facility. Ted stated that Pam Keiper in the Science Resource Center thanked us for our allocation of funds supporting this summer's Teacher Enhancement Program. Finally, President Ganger acknowledged Jean Taber's generous contribution to endow a chair in the Museum's Archaeology Department.

Jane Litt, chairperson of the Education Committee, reported that her committee discussed avenues to pursue at their meeting. They had an update on the renovation of the Discovery Center. The next meeting of the Education Committee will be September 12. Jane asked for anyone interested in volunteering for her committee to please let her know. Attendance at her committee meetings has been low, and she needs participants. Teachers for the Summer Intern Program in the SRC were chosen at the meeting.

Treasurer Charles Greenwald reported that at the end of March, the Special Projects Fund had a balance of $19,679.91, an increase of $1,000.00 from the previous statement. The combined Endowment/Investment Funds total stands at $129,228.31, or a gain of $2,135.87 since the end of February.

Ann DuFresne reported on the Adopt-A-Student Program for this summer. To date, 7 students have been placed with a curator. The last placement is very close to being finalized. Ann introduced Meg Winchester, a former Future Scientist with Bob Segedi. She is this summer's AAS for Archaeology.

Bob Taylor turned the introduction of today's speaker, Dr. Scott Simpson, over to Dr. Latimer. They were fellow Ph.D. students at Kent, and have worked together closely on a number of research projects in Ethiopia since then. Dr. Simpson is an Associate Professor at Case Western Reserve University and head of the Human Anatomy program there. Dr. Simpson then went on to give us an informative talk on their numerous hominid fossil discoveries along the west bank of the Awash River in the Afar region of Africa. He highlighted the wonderful multi-disciplinary cooperation he enjoyed in the field working along with a number of geologists, anthropologists, paleontologists, and archaeologists, as well as the very talented and observant local team members. His talk was general enough so that all attending could easily understand the numerous topics covered.

After a spirited Q & A period, the meeting adjourned at 11:22 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Susan MacDermott
Recording Secretary

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