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Saturday, October 9, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 AM by the President, Susan MacDermott.

There were several announcements: Robert Segedi's Future Scientist group was in attendance and was recognized. A get well card to member Clara Conoboy was sent around for signatures and then will be mailed by Corresponding Secretary Ruth Chase. Walt Stephens told us that on the day of the Vice Presidential Debate at Case Western Reserve the Secret Service took over the Museum as its headquarters for the event.

Pam Keiper, Head of the Science Resource Center, introduced last summer's SRC intern, funded by the Kirtlandia Society, who showed us the kit on Sound that she had made. Kirtlandia funds one intern, a practicing teacher, each summer to create a kit which will be used in science classrooms in the schools.

Ann DuFresne, Museum Liaison, announced that she has already had inquiries about next Summer's Adopt a Student Program Barb Scuilli and Bill MacDermott for Membership announced that all but seven members had paid their dues.

Hospitality: Ruth Chase announced that in the absence of the Chairman, Pete Church, all went well.

The Treasurer reported that $1900. has been collected in dues and that the current balance in the Endowment Fund for the AAS program is $163,700.

Adopt a Student: Barb Coleman reported that Walt Stephens had given her a huge box of materials and that in about a month, letters asking for support will go out.

Ted Ganger brought up the question of revisiting the by-laws concerning election of officers. This question will be taken up at the Executive Committee meeting.

Susan introduced Bob Taylor, Program Chairman, who in turn introduced the speaker, David Swanson, whose topic was THE STATUS OF BREEDING BIRDS IN OHIO.

The program was excellent and stimulating.

Respectfully submitted
Lillian Brinnon, Recording Secretary

Created 10/26/04