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General Meeting - February 14, 2004

Following coffee and conversation at 9:30 a.m., President Barbara Coleman called the General Membership Meeting of the Kirtlandia Society to order at 9:57 a.m. in the Rare Book Room of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Approximately forty-five (45) members and guests were present. Guests were asked to introduce themselves.

There were several announcements. Lillian Brinnon read a note from Dr. Eugene White's family thanking us for the sympathy card sent upon the death of Mrs. White. Ann DuFresne announced the death of Harley Badger, Joan Palmer's long-time companion.

Barb Sciulli reported that a former Kirtlandia speaker, Jim Simmelink, from CWRU's School of Dentistry has developed his talk, "Dead Men Do Tell Tales: The Role of Forensic Dentistry" into a class on forensic science at CWRU as part of their seminar approach to learning. Bill MacDermott announced that, for those wishing further information, handouts are available relating to his presentation last month on solar power.

Treasurer Charles Greenwald reported that things are going well financially. We gave $1,000 to the Smead Discovery Center, and after the donation, the balance in our General Fund is $5,600. Our Investment and Endowment Funds have had a very good quarter. The combined total in these funds is $156,800-a jump of $13,000 since the beginning of the year.

Walt Stephens gave another glowing report on the progress of donations toward the upcoming summer's Adopt-A-Student program. The current record from the Business Office shows a total of $10,200. However, within the last week or so, a donation to sponsor a complete student was received. Therefore, we now have enough to fund approximately 5.9 students. Ann DuFresne reported that to date she has received thirteen (13) applications for the program.

Walt Stephens commented on our participation in the recent benefit, Putters, Bones & Birdies, put on by the Museum's Women's Committee. Bill MacDermott, with design help from his son, Andrew (a former AAS), constructed a crank-turned windmill, featuring pictures of former AAS students on the blades, as one of the (18) putt-putt holes. Walt stated he would request that Bill be reimbursed for his expenses for materials.

Barb Coleman reported on the Education Committee meeting held Wednesday, February 11th. The upcoming "Senenkunya: Many Voices, One Family" exhibit, running from mid-March until late August, was a major part of discussion. The Museum will be having special events relating to the exhibit throughout. Also discussed were the efforts of Ruth Chase and Barb to obtain from the curators and other sources the addresses of former Adopt-A-Students and Science Resource Center teacher interns. We wish to extend to them an invitation to attend the special 25th Anniversary of the AAS Program celebration on August 14th. Barb stated that she has this year's request from Pam Keiper for funds to support a teacher intern in the Science Resource Center this summer and will present it to the Board today.

Bob Taylor, Program Chairman, introduced Stacey Allen, today's speaker whose topic was "Spring Wildflowers." Stacey, a graduate of Marietta College, is a naturalist with the Cleveland Metroparks at the North Chagrin Reservation. She gave a vivid photographic tour of spring wildflowers, beginning in bloom order with the earliest, Skunk Cabbage, through Wild Columbine. Not only did Stacey inform us of each plant's physical properties, she also related many of the plants' connections to folklore. A sampling of the wildflowers mentioned follows: Hepatica, Pussy Willow, Bluet, Bloodroot, Blue Cohosh, Wild Ginger, Violet, Cut-leaved Toothwort, Solomon's Seal, Touch-Me-Not, Trout Lily, Dutchman's Breeches, Trillium, Virginia Bluebell, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, May Apple, Forget-Me-Not, Marsh Marigold, and Dame's Rocket, etc.

After questions and answers, the meeting adjourned at 11:21 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Susan MacDermott
Recording Secretary

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