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General Meeting - November 8, 2003

Following coffee and conversation at 9:30 a.m., President Barbara Coleman called the General Membership Meeting of the Kirtlandia Society to order at 10:00 a.m. in the Rare Book Room of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Approximately thirty-two (32) members, guests, and Museum staff were present.

President Coleman announced that the wife of Kirtlandia member, Dr. Eugene White, passed away after a 15-year illness. A sympathy card was passed around for signature.

Jane Litt and President Coleman read letters of thanks to Kirtlandia from the Smead Discovery Center and from the interim Director of Development, Kathy Fouts, for our donation to help in the creation of discovery boxes for use in the Discovery Center.

Pam Keiper, Science Resource Center Coordinator, spoke on behalf of Tom Bogen, the biology teacher from St. Ignatius sponsored by Kirtlandia last summer for the Teacher Enhancement Program. Tom developed a kit on dinosaurs that showed how they changed over time. The kit included DVD's (something new in our kits). At present the SRC is trying to bolster the kits geared towards secondary education. Tom joined the meeting later with his young daughter (reason for his delay) and thanked Kirtlandia for its support last summer.

Treasurer Charles Greenwald was absent and, therefore, we had no Treasurer's Report. President Coleman did state there was not much change in our finances.

Walt Stephens had no report on the Adopt-A-Student program. He did remark that members would be receiving a letter soon requesting donations for next summer's program.

Pete Church reported that the December meeting is the joint Holiday Luncheon with Photo Society. She will request that Kirtlandia members provide the desserts, i.e. cookies, brownies, etc.

Ann DuFresne, Museum Liaison, reported that, thanks to Steve Sileo and Esther Sassman, the 2004 Adopt-A-Student information is on the Museum's website.

Bill MacDermott reported that Mary Lou Braman has become a member. The 2004 Kirtlandia schedule is now available.

Bob Taylor, Program Chairman, then introduced Robert "RJ" Laverne, urban forester/ecologist with the Davey Resource Group. The main focus of his professional PowerPoint presentation was a research project, "The Effect of Vegetation on Microclimate and Space Conditioning Energy Use." This was done in Ann Arbor, Michigan, over a period of a year. It studied the benefit of trees and how they relate to conserving energy. Basically, the conclusion is that additional factors, other than trees, play important parts in energy conservation, i.e. outside temperature, insolation, wind speed and direction, insulation of the facility, window placement, and tree placement. All should be considered if saving energy is the primary objective.

After questions and answers, the meeting adjourned at 11:32 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Susan MacDermott, Recording Secretary

Created 11/26/03