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General Meeting - August 9, 2003

Following coffee, donuts, and conversation beginning at 10:00 a.m., President Barbara Coleman welcomed everyone and called the General Meeting of the Kirtlandia Society to order at 10:29 a.m. in Classroom C of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. This was the 24th annual Adopt-A-Student presentation meeting and luncheon. Approximately 70 (seventy) Kirtlandia members, Adopt-A-Students, AAS supporters, and guests attended.

President Coleman commented that next year, the AAS program's 25th year of existence, would be special for the students and the curators. She wished this year's students success, stating that she hoped their experiences have helped them form their future plans. She requested that they keep in contact with the Museum and their curators to let us know what they are doing.

Kirtlandia member and Museum Trustee, Tom Leiden, made a brief announcement regarding the upcoming Conservation Symposium Series through the Museum's Center for Conservation & Biodiversity. The first, "Forest Habitat Ecology & Conservation," is to be held September 4 and 5. Tom urged members to attend.

President Coleman turned the meeting over to Walt Stephens who stated his amazement at the number of people attending today's meeting. This year 10 students, working with 8 curators, participated in the Adopt-A-Student program. Two curators funded an extra student, and these students also followed the AAS guidelines. Walt mentioned that, at the conclusion of this year's graduation, there would be a total of l85 alumni of the program, begun in the fall of 1979 by the late Drs. Donald Dean and Sonja Teraguchi. Walt then introduced Ann DuFresne, Kirtlandia's Museum Liaison, thanking her for all her work on the program. Ann introduced the Year 2003 Adopt-A-Students who gave their verbal and visual presentations to the group. The students, college affiliation, and the Museum curator they worked with are as follows:

Leah Kaufman Washington University Dr. B. Latimer & Lyman Jellema, Phys. Anthro.

Sara Kiess Bowling Green University Dr. Tim Matson, Vertebrate Zoology

Robin Latkovich Hiram College Dr. Joe Keiper, Entomology

Nicole Micklus Kent State University Dr. Joe Hannibal, Invertebrate Paleontology

Lindsey Morsefield Ohio Wesleyan University Dr. David Saja, Mineralogy

Brian Moss Ohio State University Dr. Jim Bissell, Botany

Lauren Sarringhaus Miami University Dr. Yohannes Haile-Selassie, Phys. Anthro.

Carrie Schloss Washington University Dr. Jim Bissell, Botany

Michelle Trogden Allegheny College Ann S. DuFresne, Archaeology

Julie Wnuk Hiram College Dr. Shya Chitaley, Paleobotany

Walt Stephens, President Coleman, and Past President Ted Ganger then presented the students with their certificates. Ted commented on the improvement in the presentations over the last quarter century. The advent of the computer and other audiovisual means has certainly added professionalism.

Walt Stephens adjourned the meeting at 11:49 a.m. The students attended their displays and answered questions pertaining to their individual projects in Classrooms A and B. A wonderful lunch arranged by Pete Church, Hospitality Chairman, and prepared by the Cleveland Sight Center, was served.

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